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We are Andrea and Diego, the owners of the Finca Bergmann.

Tuscany is our origin, but Tenerife is what we call our home since 2011. Our love for travelling led us here, since then we would not want to miss this fascinating island on any day. With the Finca Bergmann we have fulfilled a dream and are overjoyed to be able to share it with people from all over the world.

Andrea works in the hotel industry and Diego in the excursion industry, which has given us both a lot of experience in local tourism and Tenerife’s diverse offer. We are therefore happy to help you with all your questions about the island and possible activities. Together we can do this in six different languages: Italian, Spanish, English, German, Russian and French.  

We live in the house adjacent to the holiday apartment, so that you will meet us safely from time to time. If you have any questions or problems, we will be on site without disturbing you too much during your holiday. However, you will meet our four-legged family members more often.

One is our “watchdogs”, a Chihuahua couple named Fuji and Mizu. Fuji is the master of the house and sometimes acts like one when cars arrive at the finca. In fact, however, he is more of a shy man who, once trusted, enjoys every attention. Mizu, the lady of the house, is the pure opposite. She is very open-minded, loves every form of attention and is very difficult to keep back when looking at a treat. Although they live with us in the house, they naturally love to play in the garden. But don’t worry, this is usually very quiet, unless they get visitors there…

…because there’s Mao Mao. The name does not come by chance, because one day he simply appeared on the finca and introduced himself this way. Since then he has been an integral part of the family and has also taken our visitors’ hearts by storm. Because although he is an outdoors person, he loves his regular strokes. You may see him from time to time at the window of the holiday apartment, where he likes to stop by in the afternoon and evening hours for this very reason. However, if Mizu and Fuji happen to be nearby, you will be able to see him climbing trees in a matter of seconds.  

We are all looking forward to welcoming you to the Finca Bergmann!